European agriculture and transition to bio-economy, September 24-26, 2018 

Detailed information about conference can be found: http://biogospodarka.iung.pl/167eaae/

The seminar focuses on research related to the bioeconomy in Europe and its interaction with agriculture and related sectors. It emphasizes how sectoral policies and strategies for the bioeconomy are aligned, with particular attention to the Common Agricultural Policy.
The seminar’s objective is to bring together scholars and practitioners that will examine and/or address issues and challenges related to agricultural and bioeconomy interaction. The conference would host analyses of the bioeconomy as a concept related to economic and environmental and social sustainability, agricultural policy’s reference to bioeconomy, and studies on changes or adjustments of CAP mechanisms beyond 2020 for better supporting the transition to sustainable bio-based economy. Empirical and methodological papers will be invited. Empirical papers may include, but are not limited to: statistical and econometric analysis with micro- or macro-level data that will shed light on key relationships in agriculture and the bioeconomy, survey data analyses, simulation or optimization models, and decision support systems. Methodological and/or theoretical papers may frame key policy or management problems where further investigation is warranted both from a scientific and policy perspective.

In addition to academic papers, the seminar will consider contributions from policy evaluations or agendas, literature reviews that will identify future key areas of research and meta-analyses that can frame the current state of the art. Selected papers presented at the seminar will be published in special issues of a peer reviewed journal (indicatively: Journal of Bio-based and Applied Economics, AgBioForum, Energy Sustainability and Society, Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Management and Informatics, International Journal of Multicriteria Decision Making).

Call for papers

Participants who would like to present a paper are requested to send an extended abstract of 3 pages in English; the abstract should include objectives, research questions, theoretical framework, methodology and results. Extended abstracts deadline is the 1st of April 2018.  The working language of the conference will be English.

Important dates

January 1st, 2018                  First call for papers

April 1st, 2018                        Deadline submission of extended abstract (3 pages)

April 30th, 2018                     Notification of acceptance of abstract

July 15th, 2018                       End of early bird registration

September 1st, 2018             Deadline of submission of full papers

September 24-26, 2018         Seminar dates

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