Training on research commercialization

On 2nd of October 2017 took place a training on commercialization dedicated to researchers and other interested IUNG employees.
Main issues presented during the training referred to types of commercialization, definitions concerning commercialization and technology transfer and  types of units and organizations taking part in this process. Furthermore forms of protection of intellectual property at the European and national level,  types of agreements and relations between researchers and scientific units were presented.
Trainer approached issues concerning European as well as polish legal basis for conducting actions by the institutes in the area of commercialization and described all specific issues related to research institutes in the area of technology transfer. Another very important issue was concerned with establishing special purpose vehicles for conducting commercialization.
During the training commercialization was also presented in the context of tax and public procurement regulations.
After the presentation there was opportunity for participants  to raise the concrete issues from their current research activity and discuss them with an expert.


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