SimaPro crash course 21 September 2017, Puławy 
The introduction to the SimaPro software course took place on the 21 September 2017. The details of the course are presented below.

How much energy is needed to produce 1 kg of fertilizer, say ammonium nitrate? How much nitric acid is used? What are the emissions involved to produce that nitric acid, and how is it technology-dependent? Or maybe you would simply like to know the electricity mix of a given country, and the emissions related to that? Or you are perhaps curious to know the environmental impact related to the material extraction of renewable energy technologies, such as PV or electric batteries? In order to answer this, and much more, the Department of Bioeconomy and System Analysis is delighted to invite you to its crash course about using one of the most used Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software, SimaPro. Through this software, you have access to leading life cycle inventory dataset, and we will show you how to use these in order to assess the environmental performance of a system.
If you are interested to attend this event, please sign up no later than September 8th, by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that you must bring your own laptop, and install the demo version of the program beforehand (see details below). There will be no time to do this during the course.
The course will be entry level, so no preliminary LCA knowledge is required. The crash course is meant as an introduction to the SimaPro software, it will thus not discuss LCA modelling methodologies, but merely introduce to the possibilities of the software. The details of the course are presented below.

Instructor- Dr. Lorie Hamelin, whom has more than 10 years of experience with
teaching and modelling LCAs with SimaPro, all related to agricultural
and renewable energy systems

Language English
08:00 Short introduction to key LCA modelling concepts (phases of a LCA, functional unit, process flow diagrams)
08:45 Coffee break
09:00 Exploring SimaPro
09:30 Make your own model in SimaPro - The coffee cup exercise
11:00 Analyzing the output of SimaPro
Pre-requisite Own laptop + download the demo version of SimaPro beforehand. You can do this through this link: Please note that the demo version is only valid for 30 days, therefore it would be advisable to download it just a few days before the course.

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