"How to use local potential and achieve energy independence the community."
On 7 April in IUNG-PIB in Pulawy held a conference on. "How to use local potential and achieve energy independence the community." The conference was organized by the Department of Bio-Systems and Systems Analysis IUNG-PIB and funded by the BioEcon project. Co-organizer of the conference was the Foundation for the Development of the Lublin Region - Animator of the Lublin Eco-Energy Cluster. The conference was opened by the Director of IUNG-PIB - prof. dr hab. Wiesław Oleszek, President of the Lubelszczyzna Development Foundation -Henryk Łucjan and on behalf of the Marshal of Lubelskie Voivodeship - Grażyna Gilewicz from the Regional Energy Office of the UMWL. The conference was attended by 85 people, representatives of municipal offices, counties from Lublin voivodship, agricultural advisers, entrepreneurs connected with renewable energy sources. Representatives of the Department of Renewable Energy in the Ministry of Energy participated in the conference. The topics of the conference included issues related to the development of smart regional specialization which is a bio-economy.Presented are issues that influence the shaping of energy policy in the region and the municipality, the possibility of integrating and utilizing the potential of renewable energy sources in the communes, including the potential of agricultural and waste biomass, as well as issues related to energy clusters as indicated in the Renewable Energy Sources Act as one of the forms of cooperation allows to achieve energy independence by municipalities and counties. During the conference, exemplary initiatives of self-governments from Lubelskie Voivodship in the field of energy clusters were presented. The panel concluded a discussion panel on the possibility of developing energy clusters in the Lublin Region. The moderator of the panel was the representative of IUNG-PIB - dr hab. Mariusz Matyka and attended by representatives of the Ministry of Energy, Office of the Marshal of Lublin, Lublin University of Technology, local governments and businesses.

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