New Strategies on Bio-Economy in Poland

The overall objective of BioEcon is to develop, extend and fully unlock the research potential of IUNG in accordance with the new global strategies trends and changes in national needs through the creation of an excellent international and interdisciplinary department on bio-economy and systems analysis. The knowledge, experience, developed tools, research programme and collaborations will allow the institute to maintain the new unit in the institute also after the completion of the ERA Chairs project, it will operate in close cooperation with the rest of the departments of the Institute, with main purpose being regional development in line with knowledge-based bio-economy. This structural change in IUNG is a response to an identified need and potential on the national level and will receive the support of public authorities, industry and other research structures.

Specific objectives
  1. Improvement of research organization and management
  2. Update of Research and innovation strategy
  3. Intensive interaction with policy makers and stakeholders to mobilize regional support and transferresearch outcomes
  4. Increase research excellence in the field of bio-economy and system analysis
  5. Concentration of resources and widening of participation
  6. Massive dissemination of bioeconomy methods

Meet the BioEcon team

Work program

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